Visual Presentation of my Progress

How to Achieve Your Goal put into Practice

In this article I would like to share with you my personal experience on the achievement of my goal. In the How to Achieve Your Goal article I described the steps needed to achieve your goal and now it is time to put it to the test.


First I would like to share with you a bit about myself. I’m in my mid-forties. My work requires me to sit in front of my computer all day long. I’m not very active. More specifically I walk during the week, everyday 6 kilometres and on the weekend about 18 kilometres total. When I started my journey I weighed 93.5 kg.


I’m also not a professional athlete or a fitness trainer, so what I do might not be right for you. Before you begin you may need to consult your family doctor or physician. Once again I’m describing this exercise regiment below to prove the concept of goal achieving but not to suggest a specific training program.


What is my goal?


  • Make 50 regular pushups non-stop in 24 weeks.
  • Milestones have been set to increase the number of pushups every week by two. Every Saturday I plan to do a test and additional measurements to see my progress.
  • The path I chose was a mix of cardio and the P90X program.
  • I haven’t done any research specific to doing push-ups. Instead I decided to act and adjust my path later if necessary.
  • Also I decided to measure each week my weight, fat %, waist, chest.


This exercise regiment is only done to verify the goal achievement theory. This is not an another fitness program. I’m certain this can be done more efficiently.

Conflicts between achieving the goal and deadlines

The goal is tied to a specific date. According the Parkinson law the project (goal) deadline doesn’t really matter. The project can be done on time no matter how short this time period is. But, it is very important to add the third dimension to this process. That would be the quality. Saying quality is paramount or that quality is not negotiable means nothing. Quality itself must have a measurable value.


Applying this to the pushups project we must say what qualifies as a good pushup. The body and legs must be straight. So no pushups done using the knees.

Real-life progress

A visual presentation of my progress

Visual Presentation of my Progress

A weekly description of my progress


July 9, 2016


Coming to my goal faster than I expected. Today milestone was 39 and I made 44. Keep this speed and I reach the goal in three weeks instead of six.


June 18, 2016


Actually no push ups exercise this week. All free time has been spent to remove the huge tree root from my backyard. I was completely exhausted by this work. The different group of muscles  were in huge pain. I couldn’t do anything beyond it. This is the perfect example of the switching focus from your top priority thing to another and the result is not so great. The number was increased by one. It is 36 so far.


June 11, 2016


Excellent progress. The number jumped from 31 to 35.


June 4, 2016


Good week. Lot’s of exercise. The progress wasn’t so dramatic but I’m still ahead of target.


May 28, 2016


Got back to the daily routine but took it easy to make sure it didn’t get worth. The number got back to 30. It is not much gap between the actual and target result left. I have to work harder next week.


May 21, 2016


Had issue with my collarbone. Didn’t exercise. The number dropped to 25. But it is nice to have a little break.


May 14, 2016


Last week I did 30 push ups. The last two were extremely hard to do. Look forward to the end of this week to make few more.


May 7, 2016


I made excellent progress this week and increased the push up number from 26 to 29. Thought I gained 0.6 kg. I think it was too much beer. No more beer and chips next week.


April 30, 2016


Unfortunately no progress this week. The push ups number is same as it was last week. This is week I did the same P90X exercise as last week. I’m considering to start different exercise from P90X next week.


April 23, 2016


26 push ups today. Looks like this week I got back to the progress. Nothing special has been added to my exercise so far. The weight drop from 92.3 to 91.2 kg. I feel very good and look forward to the next week exercise.


April 16, 2016


This week I was in Toronto attending the Agile training and I was only able to do cardio. After my regular morning check on Saturday the number of pushups stayed the same as last week. 22. But, my weight and fat percentage went up. I’m still ahead of my baseline but I have to pay more attention to what I’m doing next week. If next week doesn’t show any progress I’ll begin to adjust my exercises.


April 9, 2016


I made some progress on my pushups and moved from doing 20 to 22. The progress had slowed down again from going up 3 pushups in the previous week to only 2 this week. Next week I’m out of the town but I’ll try to exercise as much I can.
April 2, 2016


I made some progress on my pushups and moved from 17 to 20. The progress has slowed down from going up by 6 pushups in the previous week to only 3 this week.


March 26, 2016


The number of pushups exceeded the set expectations by 8. I’ll give myself another two weeks before I start to consider adjusting the target. The progress is excellent. I feel the pain in the whole body but also very light. My body weight dropped 0.7 kg. My fat percentage went up 0.8%. I used the P90X program three times this week.


March 19, 2016


The number pushups exceeded the set expectations by 4. The progress has been very good. I feel very good. My body weight dropped 0.4 kg. My fat percentage drops 0.9%. I used the P90X program twice this week. I just started to take vitamins for active people.


March 12, 2016


The number pushups exceeded the set expectations by 2. This is good. Based on my personal experience my improvement is going to be faster in the beginning weeks of exercising then it’ll slow down as the body adjusts over time. So no target or path changes needed.