The Hit List Application Custom Scheme

The Hit List allows to use a custom URL scheme. This is very useful when I creating a new task by another application.
In this post I describe how to apply this Hit List functionality to my project. Below you can see how to use it on the kanban card to create the refill task for the kanban battery organizer.
Recently I build the kanban battery organizer. And I have used the Hit List custom URL scheme to create the inventory refill reminder task. More details on the battery organizer you can see on the video below.

The Kanban Battery Organizer Video

The Hit List Application Task by QR Code

Let see in details on how to create and use the The Hit List scheme.
  • Create the “Buy AA battery” with tag ‘/buy’ and tag ‘/costco’ URL using The Hit List custom URL scheme.  Below you can see the exact string.
    • thehitlist:///inbox/tasks?method=POST&title=Buy+D+battery+/buy+/costco
  • Generate URL QR code for the URL above. It is lot of free QR code generator on the internet you can use.


Hit List Application Task QR code

  • Add this QR code on the kanban card.
  • To add the new task to The Hit List scan QR code from the kanban card.





  • Click open URL in the scanner.


Open Link


  • The Scanner opens the Hit List Application and adds the ” Buy” task to the Hit List Application
  • You will see the “Buy AA battery” + ‘/buy’ + ‘/costco’ task


buy battery task in hit list application



  • Now I just need to check the Costco smart folder when I’m in the store



Hit List Application Costco dynamic list

  • When I’m done shopping I just checked the task.


Buy battery checked



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