Tool organizing home project

For last few weeks I worked on the tool organizing home project. The result of this improvement is helping me to save lot’s of time by eliminating motion waste and faster find my tools.


I just bough and brought home some great products form the FastCap company. One of item is the kaizen foam and the other one is fast pipe and the connectors for them.


 I have lot’s of motion waste when I work in my garage or my driveway. For each single tool I have to go back to the garage wall to pick the tool and return to my working place. The improvement was done by making the tool stand on the wheels that I can take all my tools with me. The second problem was availability. It always takes some time to find a tool that I needed.


What was before and what it is now you can see from the video below.



The solution that I made based on the problems above is to allow my tools be visible and in order all the time and my tool organizer has to be mobile.


Setting the tools in order by using the kaizen foam reduces the search time. The fast pipes makes my work easy to assemble the custom tool organizer.